Schmitt Engineering analyzed the mounting rails and mounting system to determine proper spacing of attachments and to certify their ability to support P.V. panels under local wind loads. This analysis was done for Unirac rail systems and ToughTrac systems.

Solar panel installation has grown in the NYC metropolitan area due to grants from New York State. Schmitt engineering is extensively involved in evaluating a structures ability to support solar panels; design reinforcements for structures where needed and in the design of foundations for wind turbines.

Commercial Solar Being Installed

New York States Solar Pioneer Program provides funding to address climate change issues by providing incentives for homeowners to install solar systems. Since 2000, LIPA has provided financial incentives for the installation of more than 6,600 solar systems on Long Island through its customer-sited residential and commercial solar system programs.

These systems now produce enough energy to power nearly 11,000 homes, highlighting Long Island’s robust solar industry, which has developed the largest concentration of solar installations in the state. LIPA expanded its solar programs last year by establishing the state’s first feed-in tariff for mid-to-large solar installations, and by allowing residential solar leasing. – (

To find out about solar energy for homeowners please visit; PSE&G’s Solar Pioneer Program for Homeowners resource page.
To find out about wind energy for homeowners please visit PSE&G’s Backyard Wind Initiative resource page.

Solar Array Hamptons Type House
Tihuta Pass wind turbine
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