Most homes built before 1960 contain heavily leaded paint. Some homes built as recently as 1978 may also contain lead paint. This paint could be on window frames, walls, the outside of homes, or other surfaces. Do not burn painted wood since it may contain lead. Leave lead-based paint undisturbed if it is in good condition, do not sand or burn off paint that may contain lead. Lead Paint was taken off the US market in 1978 and lead solder was not permitted to be used in residential plumbing after 1978. Homes which have water supplied by public utility are usually not of concern. Public water supplies typically have a PH of 7.0 or higher, which is non-acidic and therefore should not dissolve metals. Water from private wells, however, have registered PH levels into the low 5’s which is very acidic and can have lead in the water, if there is lead solder or lead pipes in the system. In homes built before 1978, Schmitt Engineering will check for lead paint and lead solder.

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