Homes with private well water should always have the water tested for potability. There are additional test that may be recommended based on the location of the property.

Potablity test: Checks for PH, Nitrates, Ammonia, Chloride, Metals (Iron, Maganese & Lead), bacteria (Coliform & e.Coli.)

Temik was a chemical aldicarb used in the 1970s out on the East End of Long Island. Temik was used to kill potato beetles, which were devastating local crops. In 1979, well water on the North Fork was found to be contaminated with the substance; scientists believed that because of Long Island’s unusually sandy-soil composition, there was a serious case of seepage into the drinking water. In the 1980s, about 13% of well water was found to still be contaminated, which caused the Department of Health Services to begin installing water filtration systems. As of 2010, only a small amount of water wells were found to have traceable amounts of Temik.

If Temik is found in your water supply, the Bayer CropScience program pays for the installation and maintenance of a water filtration system. If you live in any of the following areas and have well water, you may want to consider having your water sampled by one of our Engineers. (The Suffolk Times, 2012).

  • Southhold Township (excluding Nassau Point)
  • Riverhead Township
  • Easthampton Township (areas of Amagansett and Wainscott)
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